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Is flame retardant density plate class B or class C select

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The quality of flame retardant density plates is closely related to people's lives, especially flame retardant properties. Many people do not understand the flame retardant board, they will not distinguish, often encounter purchase selection phobia during the use process, in the middle of B and C, is very distressed? In fact, the editor told everyone in the purchase of flame retardant board, do not struggle to choose which? Which is the best fit for your budget and expectations. Now small compilation to teach you the flame retardant medium density plate B and C level identification method?
First, the flame retardant B-grade flame retardant plate and C-grade plate are arbitrarily cut with a blade(diameter 2-3 mm);
1, C plate detection: horizontal ignition, self-extinguishing within 5 seconds and no smouldering, flame retardant density plate is C level should be no problem;
2, B flame retardant plate detection: vertical ignition, self-extinguishing within 2 seconds, and no smouldering, flame retardant medium density plate B should have no problem.
Remark: Attention should be paid if horizontal ignition does not extinguish or if it extinguishes but there is a dark fire. The B1 level is somewhere between the two, closer to the B level requirement.
Second, according to the oxygen index method as a reference, the C-grade flame retardant plate general oxygen index to 33, B-class flame retardant plate to reach 48.