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Select flame retardant medium fiber plate to achieve low cos

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The flame retardant medium fiber plate has good physical and mechanical properties and processing properties. Its excellent performance determines its important position in various major industries. It is widely used in furniture manufacturing, construction industry, interior decoration industry, shipbuilding, and automobile lamps.
The excellent performance of flame retardant medium fiber plate is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1, the surface is smooth and smooth, easy for secondary processing, can paste rotary cut single board, planed wood, paint paper, impregnated paper, can also be directly printed decoration or paint brush.
2, mechanical processing performance is good, sawing, drilling, opening, sand, milling and other processing properties similar to wood, more than ordinary wood.
3, flame retardant plate static strength, internal binding strength, elastic modulus, plate surface and plate side grip screw force and other physical and mechanical properties are better than particle board.
4, the internal structure is uniform, the density is moderate, the size stability is good, the deformation is small.
5, flame retardant medium fiber plate is easy to engrave, the processing of the alien edge can not be sealed edge and direct paint and other coating treatment.
6, in the production process, the addition of high-quality flame retardants, fire retardants, preservatives and other chemical agents, can produce special use flame retardant medium fiber plate.
The flame retardant medium fiber plate can also be used for ships, vehicles, sports equipment, floors, wallboards, etc. instead of natural wood, with low cost, simple processing, and high utilization rate. Select flame retardant medium fiber plate to achieve low cost high performance!