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What are the flame retardant specifications for flame retard

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The flame retardant density plate has different performance, raw material type, manufacturing technology, etc.. What are the flame retardant index requirements for flame retardant density plate?
1, man-made panel products according to the technical indicators of their physical properties are divided into three grades: excellent, first-class, and qualified products.
2, according to GB8624-1997 "Classification of combustion properties of building materials and products" is divided into: Class A non-combustion materials: Class A composite(sandwich) materials and Class A homogeneous materials; Class B combustible materials: Class B1 materials, Class B2 materials, Class B3 materials. According to GB8624-2006 "Combustion Performance Classification of Building Materials and Products" is divided into: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F.
3, according to the "National Plate and Bamboo Quality Supervision and Testing Center" physical and mechanical performance GB11718-2009 standard: mechanical performance indicators are: static strength, internal binding strength, elastic modulus, plate surface and plate grip screw force; Physical performance indicators are: density, water content, water absorption thickness expansion rate.
4, according to the "National Panel Quality Supervision and Inspection Center" GB18580-2001 standard: Chemical performance indicators are: formaldehyde release E, E1, E2, etc..
Since 2006, the flame retardant density plate test standard has been converted from B1 of GB8624-1997 to B and C of GB8624-2006. In recent years, it has been an alternate process between the old and the new standards, and the public cancellation of the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China[ 2007] Document No. 182, announcing the implementation of the national standard "GB8624-2006" GB8624-2006, stating that according to the GB8624-2006 test, it is judged to be Class B and Class C, corresponding to the relevant specification GB8624-1997 B1.